Maple trees, such as red and sugar ones, are the most prevalent in Michigan. Others include about ten oak species, including red, white, and yellow birch. These are all popular types of wood flooring.

We have a large assortment of oak, maple, and other species, in planks and strips and with solid or engineered constructions, in our hardwood flooring company. Here, you’ll also find brands like Mullican, TecWood. Somerset and others.

It just makes sense
As you undoubtedly know, solid hardwood flooring can be damaged by excess moisture and will expand or contract to adjust to weather conditions. However, some installers say the most damage they see is caused by warping, cupping, crowning, and gapping, all resulting from that movement.

Trees are often harvested from other locations, so they need time to adjust to their new surroundings. Acclimation aligns the moisture levels, but you’ll also get a head start when you select something that’s already part of your region.

Species characteristics
1. Oak, primarily white, is considered the "king of hardwood" because it's popular, durable, and works well with many decors. However, white oak isn't white but, instead, a light brown with a closed, primarily straight grain. Red oak has an open grain with its pink hue, making it porous and readily accepting stains.

2. Maple: This hardwood is considered sustainable and eco-friendly since it grows fast. It has a milky white hue that eventually darkens to light brown and is highly durable, making it ideal for homes where extra durability is a must. In addition, maple is often used for the engineered version of hardwood.

3. Yellow birch: This features an off-white or light brown color with pink undertones, brown flecks, and a closed-grain

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