Solid hardwood flooring offers numerous benefits to ensure your best remodel. From beauty to performance, there's something for everyone in this product line.

Some homeowners ask about texture and which ones will best fit their needs. If that's you, here are some facts about surfaces that should serve you well.

How do you texture hardwood flooring?

The texture is part of the finishing process, with a wide variety of choices to meet your needs. A familiar look is the high-gloss, mirror-like finish that some homeowners prefer.

But other textures are also available and come with many wood flooring visuals and performance-based benefits. Consider these textures as you plan your hardwood project:

· Vintage
· Distressed
· Hand-scraped
· Wire-brushed
· Band Sawn
· Country Worn
· And more!

Benefits of textured hardwood

One of the best benefits of a textured finish is that it can hide signs of light wear, including scratches and scuffs. That means you may not have to refinish your flooring as quickly as those with a glassy finish.

But textures can also provide safer spaces, creating a more slip-resistant surface. This slip resistance is perfect if you have children or elderly persons in your home.

Textured solid hardwood flooring is also easier to clean, as they hide dirt and debris for a better-looking surface longer. If you have more questions about textured finishes, speak with an associate while you're here.

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